El risotto, one of the star dishes of Italian cuisine

Wealth of Italian gastronomy It is obvious, Given the diversity of a single country. Da Bruno know all the secrets of his kitchen and we could talk about many of her recipes, but today our Italian restaurant in Mijas, we dedicate a small space risotto, a dish that has conquered a very mainstream audiences in recent years.

Nowadays, he risotto It is conceptualized in our mind as a real treat for the palate, and a reference to the rice, They are seeking their ration relevant whenever they have the opportunity and even prepare at home.

So in Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, we want to, beyond the wonderful sensations on the palate causes, meet some of their most precious secrets and you're going to tell the. Pay attention!

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1. His origins

Nowadays, The risotto is one of the most appreciated gastronomic symbols throughout Italy. Nevertheless, all had a remote source, related to the arrival of rice to Italy. Although it was Alexander the Great who introduced in the West around the fourth century A.C., were the Arabs who finished introducing its cultivation.

However, It did not become popular until XV century, when to epidemics of hunger, extendieton monks cultivation in the North of Italy. In this sense, it is believed that the first original recipe from Italy was born in this area throughout this century. Legend has it that it was in a Wedding nobility, when the groom surprised his bride with the preparation of this delicious dish.

Given its high rice production, regions Lombardy, Piedmont Y Veneto They have the risotto as one of its culinary bastions, extending its preparation of this area to the rest of Italy, First, and then the world.

2. Precision is key

The simplicity of risotto It is one of the keys to its success. However, The technique is very important to achieve perfection, because the secret of his quality lies in the ability of the chef to measure time accurately.

The goal is to achieve maximum creaminess and provide excellent dish. This can only be achieved, patiently removing grains, while we add broth. As we do this process, rice starch will releasing and absorbing the liquid gradually. A simple technique but requires.

3. The diversity of recipes

From birth, quality and potencial gourmet del risotto It was permeating throughout the Italian territory, to the extent that each zone comes to owning your own recipe.

An example find paper of Da Bruno, where you can enjoy the original recipe five different types of risotto: porcini mushrooms, shrimps e pumpkin, seafood, to 'lobster and with Chicken curry.

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What is clear is that in all its varieties, usually exquisite. In Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, love the risotto y en cualquiera de sus expresiones elevamos su sabor. What are you waiting to test our recipes?

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