How to make the most of your pizza?

Although it is a classic Italian recipe, today it is one of the more popular preparations captive worldwide. Clearly itself has something special. Nevertheless, in Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, we want to give you much more, explaining you several ways to squeeze the full potential of your pizza.

Initially, the pizza is not far from other culinary traditions from Italy, well in each region there are different recipes describing the varied culinary culture of this country. In fact, the versatility of this dish goes well beyond, well every cook has his own secrets to perfect a flavor that already appeals to almost every taste.

You will never find another like a pizza and Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant to eat in Mijas, we want to help, giving you some ideas if you want to get the most juice where the commas. Pay attention!

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1. The mass is providential

They can vary in everything or almost everything else, but the mass is the element that unifies all pizzas and where, under any concept, It can fail. We speak base linking to other pizza ingredients, so it should live up to everything else makes sense.

As we say, every master has his own trick, but from our Italian restaurant in Mijas, we recommend you give it a own label. If you choose a thin crust, you get to this part of the recipe add a differential value.

2. The choice of cheese

Of course, in this review of the final pizza ingredients, I could not miss the cheese. It is an essential element to achieve a good result, the key being in their quality, elastic and smooth on the palate, as the dweomer melting ingredients and flavors.

It all depends on where you want to put the focus, because if you want the other ingredients take a greater role, the mozzarella it never fails. Thus, not surprising that appears in all recipes. However, you might want to take a further step. In this case, There cheeses like pecorino, he scamorza or self buffalo mozzarella which will serve to give a different point in your preparation. And if you're a lover of this food, You can always choose four cheeses!

3. Coherence ingredients

Although there are some preparations that respond to traditional recipes, at the time of making or choose a pizza, Why you not have any cliché tie. In the pizza fits any ingredient, so never be afraid to try new things.

yes, always try mix coherently, using complementary ingredients or generate contrast in the palate. If you do not follow this path, you will not get your pizza to provide an attractive flavor and all foods pisarán each other. Because, go with head.

Italian pizza restaurant mijas

Thanks to these three key general, always you know as surprise yourself, and your companions, with the taste of your pizza. If not, You can always visit Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, where we capture the Italian essence to take your palate.

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