Why Pasta is a very healthy food?

Italy It is a very rich country in its gastronomic culture and deeply into it we benefit Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas. However, If there is a food par excellence identified with this cuisine, that is the pasta, So today we will explain some of its virtues, emphasizing above all his totally healthy properties.

eating pasta It is always considered a highly prized gastronomic pleasure, especially if you are lucky enough to know the typical Italian recipes exported all over the world. Carbonara, bolognese, amatriciana, pesto, guitar, angry. Are you being whet your appetite? Further, between the pasta itself will find much variety in the forms, as well as its own composition, not to mention the fillers.

yes, Fret always eat Al dente, As you will discover the true essence of this extraordinary food through which you can recognize a wide variety of textures and flavors. Yes, besides, you add its healthy character, always come out winning, which from Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, We will try to resumirte in the following lines. Pay attention!

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1. Essence of the Mediterranean diet

Pasta is one of the foods to be more distributed throughout the week Mediterranean diet, one of the styles of food that gives us better balance thanks to the wide presence of nutrients of all kinds.

However, the carbohydrates They occupy a very special place in our diet, which coincides with the nutritional contribution of the pulp, composed mostly responsible for this nutrient give us the necessary energy to perform our daily functions.

2. only fattening

Although there have been many myths that have contradicted this information, do not be put off by them. In addition to carbohydrates, the paste contains a low protein content and only 1% of fat, so that, in no case, eat pasta can actually damage our figure.

In fact, There are studies by specialized health institutions such as the Italian Nutrition Survey, which, following testing in more than 14000 people said that pasta frequent consumption decreases the chances of feeling overweight. This explains clearly why the Italians eat pasta at all times and stay fit. The reason is clear. Because slimline!

3. It is easily combinable with any ingredient

Believe it or not, This is another key to explain why the paste benefits both our health in all aspects. And is that the versatility This feed lets you create very balanced recipes, in line with the Mediterranean diet.

However, You must control how you eat. Some days, and you apetece, You can give homage and bet on greasier and other preparations, instead, Choose softer recipes. All kinds of vegetables, fish, seafood, meats, nuts Y condiments, among other ingredients, the paste is the best possible basis.

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In Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, you know in depth what is the true power of pasta, an extremely tasty food, whose health value gives you that perfect adaptation to all situations culinary.

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