The origin of the sauces most famous of Italian gastronomy

In Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, We know every nook and cranny of our gastronomy. Thus, we want to tell you about some of the preparations that enrich our dishes more. We talk about the salsas. Sure you have some in mind, so we're going to show some of their particularities.

The Italian gastronomy It is a product of the evolution of a country rich in customs and cultures, so not surprisingly the highest quality that has reached its kitchen. Of course, the pasta It is one of the most remarkable ingredients and with sauces make up an indispensable marriage to understand the magic of many of your recipes.

Today, from our Italian restaurant in Mijas, Let's show you what the origin of some of these salsas both will have delighted. Pay a lot of attention!

fetuccini Italian restaurant mijas

1. bolognese

Probably, very young this sauce, basically made tomato, mince Y onion, He has filled you with joy and still does. The spaghetti bolognese Today they are known worldwide, although this dressing is likely to appear in countless recipes.

Its origin is quite remote, it is said that ancient Rome moved this recipe worldwide. However, where more popularity was reached in Bologna during the Middle Ages. curiously, in 1982 to set its essence, the Bologna Chamber of Commerce He decided to register the original recipe.

2. pesto

Another synonym of Italian skill at the stove is the classic pesto sauce. With the undisputed leadership of the basil, this preparation, perfect to accompany all kinds of food beyond pasta, It is made from pinions, it, accepted olive Y cheese.

Its name comes from the word 'beat’, Genovese word meaning mashing. This reveals their traditional mortar preparation, and their preponderance in Liguria, a prolific region in growing basil.

3. angry

You like spicy food? Then you'll be crazy to try the arrabiata sauce, which in recent years is gathering more and more followers, even though the original translation will lead us to the word 'Angry or upset ".

There are several ways to prepare but the tomato and garlic is the common element in all of them. Driving behavior varies spicy, although one of the most common is the chili. This is a recipe from Roma.

spaghetti Italian restaurant mijas

4. Carbonara

Also direct from Rome comes one of the most popular sauces of Italian cuisine. This is the case of carbonara, also it includes several variations, although the original formula is composed of eggs, cheese, oil, pancetta O beicon Y black pepper. Although it has not originally conceived with her, the born It has become one of the essential seasonings.

Likewise, There is also debate about its origin. Some believe that the name comes from resemblance to coal black pepper that gave him the plate, although this is not entirely proven, others believe it is named after this was a dish usually consumed by carboneros They are working in the Montes Apennines.

Now that you have known a little more about your salsas preferred, insurance appetite has opened you. Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas It is the perfect place to try them all with the fresh pasta. What are you waiting for?

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