4 keys that will make you a better understanding of Italian cuisine

We all know some of the Italian gastronomy, but this refers to a way of understanding the kitchen much richer than we think. In Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, We know all nooks and crannies and we want to show them in order to discover its infinite versatility.

The pizza, the pasta, he cheese. They are ingredients that quickly identify with the Italian gastronomy. Nevertheless, If we dive in the letter of our restaurant to eat in Mijas Quickly we realize there is much more.

Italy is a rich and diverse country, which results in an Italian cuisine, you should know more in depth. Since Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, we present some of his most significant key. Pay attention!

1. The quality of its meat

An Italian restaurant is a perfect place to share all kinds of group celebrations, mainly because it suits all tastes. And if there is a food that generates consensus par excellence, that is the meat.

Being a country vast plains and big mountains, the quality of Italian meat is prolific as well as their classic recipes. He escalope Milanese one to saltimbocca a la romana are only small examples. If you're a meat lover, This kitchen has many surprises in store for you.

2. seafaring tradition

Meanwhile, as good Peninsula, Italy makes his seafood recipes one of its main attractions. Three seas bathe their land (Mediterranean, Tirreno Y Adriatic), so the fish is one of its strengths.

Beyond excellent raw material, This is manifested in the brilliance of its preparations. In their pastas, stews and soups discover how the fish and the shellfish They strained to enrich every nuance of flavor.

Italian restaurant salmon mijas

3. Pure Mediterranean diet

Not only for being a Mediterranean country, as this is much more than a cliché. The variety of foods we find in his diet style matches the most with this feeding method.

Stop and think. Pastas, rice, meats, fish... If you add to this the high presence of vegetables, fruits Y vegetables, you'll have everything you need to ensure your nutritional balance. As many experts have shown, the Mediterranean diet It is one of the healthiest styles that exist, so do not hesitate to take advantage of the potential of Italian food.

4. The regional variety

As we've already discussed, Italian cuisine is infinitely varied thanks to the richness of its traditions, which, at the same time, It is the result of a very pronounced cultural diversity. Fury by the product of the aforementioned proximity and unifies all ingredients, but every corner has a different personality.

When you visit an authentic Italian restaurant, you'll notice right away the life of each of your recipes. Napoles, Calabria, Liguria, Lombardy, Tuscany… In each one of these regions lies a world of exciting culinary delights.

Casserole Italian restaurant mijas

In Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, you will recognize in all its splendor some of the features of a unique cuisine. The Italian cuisine still it has much to prove. What are you waiting to try all delicacies?

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