4 typical Italian entrees that will delight your palate

When we talk about Italian gastronomy, usually we focus our gaze on pasta and pizzas, but the truly experts go far beyond. Today in Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, we will introduce some starters that will captivate completely.

We've talked at length about delicacy as a whole carpaccio, thus, Today we will talk about other recipes that represent the maximum Italian cuisine, although they are somewhat less known. The result will be totally spectacular, because gastronomy transalpine country It is full of flavors plenty of character.

So, since Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, we will introduce some of these incoming or, as they call them, appetizers, which will allow you to fully delve into the culinary essence of a country as rich as Italy. Pay attention!

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1. San Daniele Ham

You have not tried the San Daniele ham? You have to correct the error immediately, because the quality of this ham Protected Designation of Origin It is supreme. It is distinguished by being raised in the northern and central Italy and treated by craftsmen in the city environment San Daniele, belonging to Friuli.

The process is what distinguishes this delicacy, after being introduced as salt, ham must pass a period of 15 Y 18 months to reach their peak. his fine and delicate flavor making it one of the most characteristic incoming Italy, although it may be part of countless recipes.

2. Grilled vegetables

In Italian homes, another as common as delicious antipasti are grilled vegetables. And is that the people of this country are fanatics of vegetables cooked this way so healthy, through which they exploit the wide variety of natural foods on their land.

eggplants, courgettes, artichokes ... And keep an ace up his sleeve, as is the combination with cheese, actual mozzarella, although it admits all kinds of specialties.

3. Tonatto Calf

Typical of the region Piamonte, Northern Italy, This dish is a sample of the huge contrasts that exist in Italy, fishing village, rural and urban at the same time. He veal Tonatto It is a classic land and sea that unites delicious veal with tuna sauce.

Done for served cold, It is a light entree and very tasty, perfect to whet your appetite for lunch and dinner very special.

4. Caprese salad

In Italy you will find all kinds of salads that work perfectly as a starter. However, today we stand out one of the most authentic as is the case caprese.

Tomato, basil Y buffalo mozzarella They are the main ingredients of this salad from the Neapolitan city Capri It has been exported to worldwide.

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In Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, calmly taste each of these incoming It will be a more comforting experience for your palate, as well as the perfect after more than a full meal. Do not hesitate to visit us!

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