What differentiates an Italian restaurant the rest?

When we went outside to eat, We seek a complete experience that goes far beyond the culinary to, if possible, our five senses are stimulated. In Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, we believe that these spaces have a special character and we'll explain why.

Of course, the richness of Italian cuisine is the main value of these restaurants. And is that in letters such as Da Bruno you will find very varied recipes with sello gourmet our chefs. Pastas, cheese, vegetables, fish, meat ... The Italian tradition has always given us great satisfaction and it is a safe bet that we should always take advantage.

However, spaces as our Italian restaurant in Mijas, They have multiple incentives that make them special. Want to know them? We'll tell you then.

Italian restaurant mijas meat

1. A unique atmosphere

Each restaurant has its own style, but as a rule the Italian style is able to recreate a very unique atmosphere that enchants all visitors. Sophistication, elegance Y naturalness are three of the features that have defined spaces that have always been very successful in the Spanish culture.

And it is above all, son cozy spaces that make the guest feel at home, so it will be greatly encouraged from the outset.

2. Friendly and attentive service

All Italian restaurant is to immerse the guest in a very similar experience that would live if visited Italy. If anything this nation is characterized by its unmistakable host character, In addition to manifest something in the environment, It should be reflected in the quality of service.

Beyond the utmost professionalism, human staff restaurants such as Da Bruno is characterized by a especially attentive and very friendly service. Each of the words of our service will aim to improve your experience, taking care of all the details. This is a spectacular warranty!

3. Like all public

Apúntatelo! An Italian restaurant never disappoints. The variety and quality of each of the preparations is a point in your favor to share with others. The pickiest always find a dish that seduces, while those tastes more refined will also be more than satisfied.

With Italian cuisine, always you come out winning, well, Whatever your desires, there will always be a plate waiting.

4. Perfect for special occasions

Given all these virtues, These spaces make it a highly recommended setting for special occasions. Birthday, family meals, company of friends the scenes, Christmas, Good night, reencounters... An Italian restaurant always give the size in these situations.

Further, The atmosphere is also very romantic, so if you have a appointment on the agenda, you know what the perfect setting for the occasion.

Italian restaurant lounge mijas

All these virtues come together in a very special way Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas. Come to know for yourself. You will find that you do not lie!

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