4 details you need to know about carpaccio

By visiting our Italian restaurant in Mijas, You discover the vast diversity of a cuisine full of delights. One of the most representative is the carpaccio, a delicacy in Da Bruno mimamos to get the most out. Thus, we will tell some of his most significant secrets and details.

You can eat as you wish. However, The carpaccio is perfect to serve as a starter to share, thanks to its comfortable tasting. It is serving meat or raw fish into thin slices with some accompaniment, the exact point where the versatility of this recipe lies.

He carpaccio of Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, It is made of beef tenderloin and delicious Parmesan cheese. The maximum is clear. With quality ingredients possible to develop a quality recipe. Want to know more details about it? Pay a lot of attention!

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1. Origin

Although it's a classic, its origin is not very remote. He was born in the mid-twentieth century in the emblematic city of Venice. Its inventor was Giusseppe Cipriani, Cook Harry’s Bar, in response to the request for a countess, whom his doctor had recommended habituated consumption of raw meat.

To do it the tastiest way possible this recipe was invented and, according to legend, carpaccio he baptized to honor the painter Vitore Carpaccio, in whose pictures red took much prominence, just the tone you took the meat in this recipe.

2. Ingredients

As we already know, The carpaccio is a dish designed to test the taste of meat in all its essence and so we understand it in our Italian restaurant, where you will discover the most genuine nuances of beef tenderloin with the Parmesan cheese.

Originally, the beef It was the most used in this preparation, but with the passage of time, they have incorporated all kinds of meat and fish. We can even find carpaccio of vegetables and fruits. Together with the quality of its primary ingredient, marinating and cheese that accompany decide, It will make a difference.

3. Secrets of preparation

Simplicity is the best of this recipe, to do without fire, It requires highest quality and freshness in all its ingredients. The skill with cutting will also be central to the texture and thickness do not lose their essence.

Then you just have to water them with the marinade of your choice, usually lemon juice and olive oil, and leave to stand for 10 minutes. A) Yes, meat take a very tasty juice.

4. The spectacular pairing with cheese

I've already dropped in the previous lines, but if there is an ingredient that maximizes the flavor of the meat, that's the cheese. In fact, It is a leading ingredient in most typical Italian carpaccio. The Parmesan simplicity It suffices to maximize the dining experience.

as a precaution, consumption is not recommended by pregnant, the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis. However, if the meat has been previously frozen, There will not be any problem.

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Are you going to miss out try the carpaccio? In Da Bruno, our Italian restaurant in Mijas, prepare one based exquisite beef tenderloin and parmesan. What are you waiting for visit?

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